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                                                                                                    Care instructions


The care instructions

To maintain the durability and quality of the roses, we have the following instructions for you:


The roses are tucked in the box so that they cannot fall out. Nevertheless, we ask you to handle the arrangement gently and not to tip or throw it.


Do not water the roses, otherwise their shelf life will be limited.


Frequent touching should be avoided due to the moisture of the skin surface, as it may transfer to the flowers, causing the roses to lose shape and color.


Please avoid direct sunlight on the roses.


Ideally, store the arrangement at room temperature in a shady place.


Sometimes the color pigments of the roses can fade. Accordingly, place the arrangement so that it does not come into contact with delicate fabrics, such as clothing, curtains or other textiles.


Dust is best removed with dry air or a soft brush.

The preservation

For our arrangements from A Luxury Flowerbox collection we use real roses, which are preserved with the help of a special process and thus durable for 1-3 years.
In order for you to admire our selected roses for several years in their most impressive and beautiful form, they are cut by experienced professionals in their most beautiful blooming period.
Thanks to the addition of a natural liquid, the withering process is prevented and all the beauty and naturalness of the flowers is naturally preserved.
Additional color pigments also allow a wide range of colors

The processing

After receiving the order, each arrangement is made individually and by hand.
Checks ensure that both the roses and the boxes meet our high quality standards.
Then each arrangement is packed with the utmost care to ensure safe transportation.


Enjoy your arrangement from the Luxury Collection!


 A Luxury Flowerbox

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